Search Engine Optimization – Semalt Expert

Search engine optimization also known as SEO refers to the manipulation of the visibility of a website search organic results. The Semalt expert, Andrew Dyhan, offers you to have a look at the following SEO functions:

  • Content editing
  • Editing of HTML
  • Editing coding
  • Promotion of the site

Examples of leading Search Engines are Yahoo, Google, and Bing, which currently use the SEO strategy of utilizing mobile search. These engines use crawlers which are capable of finding pages linked to the indexed pages of other search engines.

Indexing of Search Engines

Search engines which are indexed function more effectively than those that are not. Examples of search engines that were closed because they required manual submission and human review for editorial are DMOZ and the Yahoo directory. An example of an indexed search engine is Google which utilizes the Google Search console which involves creation and submission of an XML sitemap feeds. This allows for the finding of all pages, even those that are not discoverable by automatically following links.

Crawl Prevention

Undesirable content can be prevented from reaching search indexes by professional webmasters that are responsible for preventing spiders from accessing files and directories. This is done by a robots.txt file located in the root directory in the domain. A meta tag is also added to the robots.txt file to increase efficiency.

How to increase a web page prominence?

A web page prominence can be increased in a number of ways:

  • Crosslinking
  • Use of content that has relevant keywords
  • Constant updating of content
  • Addition of certain relevant keywords to the meta data of a website
  • Normalization of URL
  • Use of the canonical link element

SEO Techniques

SEO uses techniques which are categorized into three groups named Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat. The White Hat technique produces results that are long lasting whereas Black Hat technique produces results that last for a short period of time. Besides, a White Hat technique is legitimate while a Black Hat technique is illegitimate. The Grey Hat technique is a combination of the Black and White Hat techniques. It mainly based on improving a website rankings rather than providing the users with the decent content.

Marketing Strategy

Indeed, SEO is an effective tool! However, it can be utilized for every website. Depending on a site and its niche and goal, it is better sometimes to use particular Internet marketing strategies like paid advertising campaigns. The utmost difference between SEO and SEM is the ranking priority of the search results, which can either be paid or unpaid. A SEM is prominence oriented whereas SEO is relevance oriented.

Legal Precedents

Google was sued by SearchKing on October 2002 under claims that Google constituted tortious interference. SearchKing claimed that Google did this by preventing spamdexing. However, the case was dropped in 2003 because SearchKing failed to state a claim.